Benefits of Home Automation


Kipetu allow centralized and remote control of all interconnected devices. Through Kipetu, watch live stream of recording of your home, Kipetu allow remote opening and close of doors and gates and drawing of curtains, Kipetu allow to remotely operating devices like air conditioners, fridge, TV, security alarms among others.

Convenience and Comfort

Kipetu is a technology that gives the convenience of operating – open and close- the gate , garage doors, doors from anywhere – from the convenience of your car, sofa, office, bed.

Kipetu allows you to get in bed then dim lights while still in bed.

Kipetu gives you the ability to monitor your home from anywhere, check out your compound from the office, and switch off some lights remotely, lock your gate with just a click.

How about controlling your entire system via voice – check out the benefits of Kipetu + Amazon Echo (Amazon Alexa)

Energy Management

Kipetu saves a lot of energy by intelligently switching unutilized devices off. Motion detecting lights goes off as soon as there is no one in the room or there is enough daylight.

Kipetu home automations powers off consumer electronic such as TV, aircon among others as soon as there are not being utilized.


One of the most important benefits of Home Automation in achieving a military grade security through highly intelligent system. Alarms get triggered by motion of an intruder, which get recorded and streamed live via Kipetu. Access control – allow access to only authorized personnel by automating access system to restricted areas using Kipetu Access and Biometric control technology. In addition to all these, Kipetu centralizes the monitoring, control and access of security installation on your phone or tablet.