Remote home surveillance in Kenya

  • Would you want to check out your home while at work?
  • Check to see if Nanny is doing well
  • How about check out your 5 year old son whom is home alone
  • You may also want to see if the cows are doing well


Installation of CCTV cameras may not be enough to ensure a perfect surveillance or watch over the home. KIPETU present the perfect solution for remote home surveillance. What does the package have in terms of functionality,

24 HOUR power backup

In case of power disruptions, KIPETU system will remain working for the next 24 hours even if power doesn’t resume. Let power disruption not affect your surveillance.

24 HOUR Internet connectivity

For remote surveillance to work, the CCTV system must be connected to a good internet connection.

Kipetu provides good internet connection to allow live streaming and surveillance images and videos of your home.

Motion Detection and Alarm Triggering

Nothing worse than watching someone break in to your home, even worse is intruder intruding at wee hours of night when they think everyone one is asleep.

Kipetu system allow automatic alarm trigger on events like intrusion, break-in, temperatures rise, smoke levels rise, an alarm goes off and deters intruders or alert and prompt for response.

In some wee hours of the night when asleep, Kipetu system can detect human intrusion (no false alarms by cats and bats), this can trigger alarms to deter the intruders.

Kipetu keeps you safe at day and at night.

Remote footage backup (at least 2 weeks)

Kipetu ensures a copy of footage is safely stored or backed up online. This comes handy in cases of CCTV vandalism, or if disk drive becomes faulty.


How do I get Kipetu Home Surveillance System for my home?

Write to us at

Requesting for Home Surveillance Package, we will respond with a quote and timeline of delivery.



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