With deployment of smart CCTV security surveillance system, there is need to integrate it to a smart alarm system.

An alarm system that can be triggered by CCTV especially in cases of motion detection in restricted areas, attempted vandalism among others.

Kipetu smart alarm system for schools has been utilized in the following ways.

Kipetu Fire alarm system for Schools

Schools have deployed Kipetu carbon monoxide and heat detectors in dormitories, and other areas of fire vulnerabilities.

Smoke and heat detectors trigger alarm in once heat and smoke level surpasses the set thresholds.

Once the alarm is triggered emergency exits are forced open to allow fast evacuation of students and any other valuables.

The alarms as well alert the key personnel on the incidents – these key personnel are expected to take relevant action.

Every boarding school in Kenya should consider deploying Kipetu Smart Alarm System for schools to promote the safety levels within the learning institutions.


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