Kipetu Special Project

Kipetu is a home automation and Security Company, that utilizes IoT technologies to deliver smart homes. Kipetu smart home has the following qualities:

A smart home is secure – smart alarm, surveillance act as deterrence to and unauthorized access, and burglary.

A smart home is eco-friendly –smart lighting and power system allow smart home to save energy by supplying energy to electronics and lighting as per need basis.

A smart home is comfortable- the convenience brought by Kipetu home automation including automated gates, automated doors, automated curtains, automated lightings among others.

Is your home secure, eco-friendly, comfortable – if Yes –it can qualify to be a smart home – if no – it is not a smart home.

Delivering Smart home to Kenyans is our vision and mission of existence but something has come up. – school unrest – schools fires – Moi girls, St. Georges, e.t.c what is the cause – possibly unknown.

For the love of Kenya and the future of the country, we feel obliged to offer our expertise to combating this menace.

The government of Kenya has set out proper guidelines to control schools’ unrest and other menaces for schools – key to those guidelines is CCTV security surveillance for schools.

Kipetu seek to participate in the program of equipping our boarding schools in Kenya with CCTV security surveillance technology.

Kipetu CCTV security surveillance schools package has the following smart qualities:

  1. Allow remote access of CCTV via smartphone and Computer
  2. Triggers alarm automatically
  3. Equipped with motion detection technology to start recording
  4. Comes with 2 week online backup of Videos
  5. Comes with 30 days of local backup of Videos
  6. Equipped with 24 hours power backup option


With deployment of Kipetu CCTV System for schools the following benefits are witnessed.

  1. Reduced and sometimes complete drug inflow to school (no more student escapes)
  2. Reduced schools unrest – strikes
  3. Increased productivity by both teaching and non-teaching staff
  4. Improved discipline – no thefts in the school community
  5. Improved security awareness and short response time.



Kipetu Surveillance alarm system

Kipetu Surveillance alarm system for schools is engineered to control cases of unauthorized access and exit in the schools restricted areas. Some schools have deployed the system to prevent break in to schools laboratories and offices. Break in detectors are deployed on doors and windows of these rooms and effectively increases security awareness plus increased deterrence to break in and unauthorized access. Consider biometric access to some this restricted areas- Kipetu delivers controlled access system to technology as well.

Some have deployed the system to prevent student break out from the schools compound.

This has been achieved through deployment of surveillance camera with motion detection and alarm trigger capability. The most important aspect is the CCTV camera deters break outs. Breaks outs can also trigger alarm system in the student deterrence doesn’t work.


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