Cctv camera installation in kenya

CCTV Camera installation is now common in Kenya with increased demand for CCTV Camera Surveillance services in both residential and commercial entities. Millions and millions of CCTV camera have been sold and installed in Kenya. Top CCTV camera brands in the worls have enjoyed resounding success in Kenya.

Top CCTV Camera brands in Kenya include;

  • Hikivision
  • Vangold
  • Dahua
  • Among others.

CCTV Camera installers/ Technician

The number of CCTV technician is currently in thousands thanks to the simplicity of the CCTV Camera installations.

These manufacturers have ensured the installation services are plug and play and therefore anyone with basic electrical knowledge can perform CCTV camera installation and maintenance service.


The level of competence in CCTV Camera Technology in Kenya is quite low especially when it comes to utilizing advance features like

  • motion detection,
  • number plate reading,
  • remote access,
  • alarm trigger
  • Securing CCTV from unauthorized access
  • among connected functionalities.


Emergence of CCTV Camera Technology specialist – Kipetu

Kipetu has competent CCTV Camera Technology engineers that have managed to explore additional options including

  • motion detection,
  • number plate reading,
  • remote access,
  • alarm trigger
  • sound capture
  • automated gate integration
  • online video capture and backup
  • Remote streaming among others.

What Kipetu offer in a Picture


Every CCTV Camera Installation from Kipetu comes with the following:

  1. i) Allow remote access of CCTV via smartphone and Computer
  2. ii) Triggers alarm automatically
  • iii) Equipped with motion detection technology to start recording
  1. iv) Comes with 2 week online backup of Videos
  2. v) Comes with 30 days of local backup of Videos
  3. vi) Equipped with 24 hours power backup option

Visit Kipetu, contact them to get added value sevices at the same price. – stay safe with Kipetu


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