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Keywords: Automated gates & doors technology, preprogrammed mobile phone numbers, GSM remote control system.

Doors, shutters and gates are just a few examples of a growing list of things requiring automatic door opening technology in industrial and home settings. In today’s convenience driven world the mobile phone has integrated every day’s operations such as GPS system and camera into a single handheld device. Not forgetting the numerous applications that can be easily downloaded to facilitate efficiency in accessing bank accounts and paying of everyday transactions in cash and plastic cards. The ability to gain access to automated gates and doors via mobile phone therefore, is considerably  simple effort to replace keys, RFID chips, and eliminate the inconvenience of remembering a or code PIN number.

How to Open a Gate Using Mobile Phone

The technology to open a gates and doors with a mobile phone is not new and is an alternative to augment the ever-growing agitation to coup with modern lifestyle. The device opens a gate or door by receiving a phone call from the mobile phone of an individual who has clearance to enter. The caller’s phone number acts like a “key” that must match with a number that has already been entered and added into a queue of phone numbers in the gate opener. If the call is not answered, Phone numbers can be easily preprogrammed into the gate opener by a designated administrator who is given “an access code that allows him to program the gate opener from a PC or by sending a text message from a cell phone.

Through GSM remote control system the system accepts and identifies with different landline or mobile phone numbers, which can be programmed via SMS MESSAGE or web text as secure caller ID. This product is ideal for domestic properties where a mobile phone or local landline can be used to control access. It also offers remote opening from anywhere on the globe so the owner can let workmen and visitors in whilst away.

The automated gates and doors technology will help to do away with risks that comes with physical cards or key fobs, and will solely manage a digital list, adding or removing any individual’s access to the automated gates and doors.  The device operates very simply by opening the gate and doors to residents after it receives a phone call and recognizes a preprogrammed phone number with access to the gates and doors.

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